Welcome to CLiPS

Dear Members,

I am pleased to announce that CLiPS has a new board as of March 11, 2018. The organization has had no board members/officers since 2012. The trustees oversaw the organization with very limited activity, rather than dissolving it.CLiPS members should be thankful to the trustees for keeping the organization ‘alive’ over the last five years.

I am honored to be elected as President by the new board members. Names and contact information of the new boardmembers are on the left. Most of you will recognize the names, almost all have served on CLiPS board for number of yearsprior to 2012. We all felt that it was high time to bring CLiPS out of hibernation, and bring life back to what was once a thriving organization. The team’s goal is to put on quality events, and have you, the members, turning out in large numbers to support us. I know that life gets busy, but we hope that you, the members, will make time to participate in all future events which the new board organizes.

On behalf of all the board members, and you the members, I take the opportunity to thank all the trustees, Jayantibhai,Rameshbhai (RD), Rameshbhai (RC), Mahendrabhai, Subhashbhai, for keeping CLiPS ‘alive and active’ over the last five years. A Special “Shout Out” to Rameshbhai (RD) for ensuring CLiPS is fully compliant with California State regulations, and for maintaining proper documentation and financial records. Income and Expenditure statement for 2017 is attached.

We are bringing back summer picnic, enjoyed and supported by over 250 members prior to 2010. Fresh food cooked at
the picnic site, games, and social gathering!

Picnic Details
Date: June 16 th , 2018
Venue: Baylands Park, 999 E. Caribbean Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Picnic Site: Meadowlands

More details to follow in our next newsletter, which will be out in late April. We look for you, the members, to share the
above details and encourage your friends and families to support the new board at this event.

Mahesh Patel