Welcome to CLiPS

CLiPS was established in 1990. The CLiPS organization was created to maintain the culture of the Patidars (Patel’s) of Central Gujarat, India. See the CLiPS_Founding Documents – Articles of Incorporation and Tax Clearance Certificate from the state of California.

Why CLiPS? As most of the new generation born and bought up in the United States had reached the age; where they were eagerly in search of a perfect life partner. This was when most of the youth and their parents experienced difficulties, which they never expected in this country of opportunities. Patidar’s culture were scattered all over the United States and World and it was impossible for most of the families to address the matrimonial needs of their young adults, where they don’t even know how to contact the community members and their whereabouts.



Regarding CLiPS: As most of you know that CLiPS is a volunteers run organization with Board of Directors and its officers run/operate the organization and organize its events for the community. Since mid-2014 after the last Board of directors and officers completed its term, the five (5) trustees have took over the operation, as the Caretaker, per the By-Laws. The board of trustees have requested and invited the directors’ candidates to CLiPS 450 family members via news letters since mid-2014 (now for last two years) and so far, we have received no applications or shown any interest.

Therefore, now due to lack of resources and directors, we are limiting to only one event, Annual/Diwali Dinner Dance gathering, until a new board of directors can be established.

Again, The Director’s candidate form is attached with the latest news letter and it is also available at the CLiPS web site, clipsbayarea.org. CLiPS invites the qualified candidates to form a new Board of Directors to carry on its activities.

Our Goals

Retain the rich heritage of Patidar:
Creating and passing on our legacy of cultural values and a forum with a community voice to the next generation; Development of youth programs to support our youth and women auxiliary to promote CLiPS Patidar community and social values among women and families.

Integrate our younger generation:
Strengthening community bond and social cohesiveness among CLiPS Patidars and other Indian communities; Providing matrimonial and social services to the CLiPS community in meeting the community needs.

Provide unpresidented help to community:
Providing and promoting moral and financial support to the Patidar community and others in a crisis of need including during a disaster or a natural calamity; Establishing an Evergreen Club to support and satisfy needs of our elderly.